Year Round Vendor Show + Market Checklist

Year Round Vendor Show + Market Checklist

Let's get straight to the point... vendor shows + markets are HARD WORK.

Shopping at these markets is a completely different experience than participating in one, am I right?? SO. MUCH. PLANNING.

It can be stressful as a beginner in the show + market world because what if I forget something? What if I don't have enough inventory? Will my booth look professional? Am I forgetting anything? Do I even need sunscreen? (the answer to that last question is yes)

As a natural planner + INFJ personality type, planning + staying organized is like a second language for me. I find so much joy in getting things together + learning from experience to better plan for next time.

BUT...this is good news for you!!

Why? Because I've already done half the work for you. You're welcome. :)

I have created a Year Round Vendor Show Checklist that lists all of the main things you may need for your markets in all 4 seasons, whether it's indoor or outdoor!

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This is a 4 page digital download PDF that is both FILLABLE for the typers + PRINTABLE for the writers! It was intentionally designed to be simple with only black font color to avoid discoloration + unreadable fonts when printing, so that you can print from anywhere without having to worry if colored ink is available! (let's be honest...colored ink isn't cheap either, so this also saves you money)

Although the fillable feature in this checklist works best on a computer, you can also use in on your phone, ipad, etc.

Here's what's in all 4 pages:

  • PAGE 1: The Checklist! This is an organized list of essentials, marketing tools, display setup, checkout, + additional space for extras from chapstick all the way to making sure you have cash for change! Check it off with a pen or click to check + uncheck.
  • PAGE 2: Notes! Tons of space to jot down to-dos + don't forgets, make additional lists, + there's a place to write the market date, setup time, + location!
  • PAGE 3: Item Explanations + Info! You might wonder why in the world you need a portable fan or what a conversation starter is. This page gives you a detailed explanation or more info on specific items!
  • PAGE 4: Important Information! A page you can quickly reference in regards to my contact information, refunds, what you can + can't do with this document, along with the terms + conditions. 

Now, you may not need EVERYTHING on this list, or you might think of something you need to add to the list that is curated to your business needs + if you're traveling, so I left you lots of extra space to make notes!

I hope this checklist makes your life as a creative + business owner a little less stressful! Markets are such a wonderful place to meet new friends, clients, customers, + other business owners. Happy planning!!

Please feel free to share this blog post with anyone you think will find this resource helpful!! 

Live with purpose,



Find the checklist here!

This digital download is also available on Etsy.

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