5 Reminders When Painting with Watercolor

5 Reminders When Painting with Watercolor

"Watercolor is one of the hardest mediums to work with."

I've heard that phrase so many times since I started using watercolor.

It's true...if you don't know how to use it! Why?

Well, watercolor is transparent. You can't just cover it up + start over like you can with acrylic or oil paint. Once watercolor is on the paper, there's no going back.

So, here are


let watercolor be watercolor

ONE: let watercolor be watercolor.
This is my absolute favorite reminder + tip that I repeat every single time I paint.

Did your paint go outside the lines? Let it be.
Did colors mix that you didn't intend for it to? Let it be.
Watercolor can't always be controlled the wait acrylics can. Watercolor is water. It moves on the paper + creates details that you can't create with a brush.

Let it be + embrace it!


watercolor tips you don't need expensive materials

TWO: you don't need expensive materials.
Sure, professional paints are wonderful + cotton paper is beautiful - but you don't need it to create a masterpiece! Especially if you're just getting started.

When I started practicing watercolor, I used cheap paints from Big Lots, dollar store brushes, + mixed media paper that I received for Christmas yearsss before I ever touched it. As I learned new techniques, I grew into more professional paints, brushes, + paper. Although I do love Winsor + Newton Professional Watercolours + will always recommend them, I don't think expensive = more beautiful art.


watercolor tips layers are key

THREE: be patient; layers are key!
Start in the back (light colors) + work your way forward (darken the colors).

This will give your painting dimension + detail that makes it look like you spent way longer on your painting than you actually did!


watercolor tips don't have to add white to get a lighter color

FOUR: you don't have to add white to get a lighter color.

I don't like to call this a "mistake" because there is nothing wrong with doing it this way! I actually did this when I first started because I wasn't using Reminder #1: Let watercolor be watercolor!

The more water you add to a color, the lighter it will be. Getting it just right may take a few brush dips in water, but it saves time + lots of white paint!


watercolor art tips there is no right way

FIVE: there is no "right way"

That's the beauty of art! There is no "right way" to do anything, despite what your art teachers have told you in the past.

Art is subjective.
What works for you won't always work for someone else.
The art styles you like may be horrendous to someone else.
What you consider a masterpiece may be considered a kindergarten art project to someone else.

But trust me, someone out there will love your style + technique, and will be willing to pay for it.

So, keep playing, + keep creating!

Technique doesn't flourish without practice.

with purpose,


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