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Meet the Owner + Artist

Hello, hello! I'm Kate | owner, artist, + live painter.
First things first... you don't really know me until you know my favorite food is pickles (dill only, the sweet ones are wannabes) + I'm obsessed with my 7lb yorkie, whose nickname is chicken nugget.
I've wanted to own my own business since I was 10 + despite growing up in the appalachian mountains, I have always been a lover of all things coastal. So, after years of painting as a hobby, I decided to leave my comfort zone + finally chased my dreams, starting Purpose Under Palms as a way to do what I love + live with more intention + purpose.
I now specialize in watercolor + admiring the stunning lowcountry views are my favorite places to gather inspiration to bring you joy through my art.
Thank you for being here. I hope you enjoy!
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where the name comes from + the meaning behind it

Purpose Under Palms is about living with purpose in the place that you love most. For me, it’s bringing others joy through my art under the palm trees.
When I was brainstorming a name, I kept going back to the word "purpose" - a word that has held a lot of meaning to me for many reasons.
Purpose (n): "the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists; living life to the fullest + knowing there is a reason for your journey; devotion to God's calling + those things that bring you joy + peace; knowing the value of sharing your gifts with others.
We were made for more than just the daily routines of life - we all have a purpose, whether that is found in our career, hobbies, helping others - at the beach, in the mountains, another country, or right at home.
Purpose Under Palms is about living with purpose, living your purpose, + living each day with intention in the place you enjoy most.
So, what's your purpose + where do you live it?


to be a go-to source for positive inspiration in the lives of those chasing their dreams, following their passions, + living their purpose.


"Don’t let someone else’s small mindedness or definition of success alter your journey as a creative in a negative way. Your dreams are possible, even if others can’t see them!"



The Art of Purpose

use your talent. live with purpose.
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