learn more about Purpose Under Palms' story + meet the owner


hello, hello! i'm kate | owner, creative designer, + watercolor artist.

i've wanted to own my own biz since i was 10 + have always been a lover of all things art + coastal vibes. so, i started Purpose Under Palms as a way to do what i love + live my purpose. thank you for being here. i hope you enjoy!

1 PETER 4:10

photo by Tia Jenkins studios

where the name comes from + the meaning behind it

Purpose Under Palms is about living with purpose in the place that you love most. For me, it’s under the palm trees. I truly believe that our passions, talents, + how we use them will lead us to our purpose. Our life experiences, whether good or bad, are the stepping stones to take us to that purpose. 

I’ve always felt that I was meant for more than just sitting at a desk all day, doing a job for someone else that wasn’t fulfilling me creatively. I’ve wanted a business since I was just 10 years old, + after discovering that watercolor artwork is what I love most, I decided to finally launch a business with that art.

This brand is more than just artwork, stationery, + gifts… + it’s not just for me. It’s for you. To let you know that I’m right there with you through the ups + downs of keeping that fire burning in your belly, staying hungry for your passions, + turning them into your purpose.

So, what’s your purpose + where do you live it?


to be a go-to source for positive inspiration in the lives of those chasing their dreams, following their passions, + living their purpose.


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